July 18, 2017

Map & Directions


This Meeting House is located at the western side of the Achimota Golf Course accessible from the western end of Achimota Oval and through the entrance of the Follies, which provides residential accommodation for some senior staff of the University of Achimota. Friends have always considered this place of worship as available for their religious home, though situated on the School Compound, its maintenance and furnishing have always been the responsibility of the Society of Friends in Ghana.


  • From George Walker Bush Highway, drive past the Achimota Police Station and then turn right towards Achimota Primary School at Clinic Junction (i.e. onto the road that leads past Achimota Golf Course and eventually goes towards GIMPA).
  • As soon as you’re on that road, keep looking on your left and – just after a bus stop – you will see a black signboard for ‘The Religious Society of Friends‘.
  • Turn left at the signboard and drive straight (over a few narrow speed bumps) until you reach another signboard to your right (just past Fraser House). Take that right turn onto an untarred road and follow the curve until it narrows.
  • Hill House will be on your right. It has a white wall with ‘Religious Society of Friends’ written boldly in black. Simply walk through the gate.

From the Achimota Village turn left at the traffic light next to the Police Station and continue as above.

From the University of Ghana turn left at the Clinic Junction and continue as above.

Click here for Google Maps directions (or call +233575273638 if you’re lost and need someone to meet you along the way).