Update on Renovating Hill House

The Old Pavillion

At the end of 2017, Hill House launched a GoFundMe to raise £4,450 to renovate our 85-year-old pavilion.

Just over a year later, we are happy to report that – through the kind help of Friends from all over the world – we were able to raise £3,692, which has enabled us to complete much of the renovation.

Ably guided by architect, Kuukuwa Manful of the NGO Sociarchi and quantity surveyor, Johnson Kennedy (both members of our meeting), the new pavilion makes use of earth bricks as an eco-friendly alternative to concrete, reusing the ceramic roof tiles and some paving stones from the original pavilion. When complete, the new pavilion will also emphasize equality by creating a disability-accessible entrance by which all members will enter, rather than the stairs used by the past structure. Its strong foundation means that the pavilion will serve as a light on the hill for another three generations – or more – of Quakers in Ghana.

We would like to thank every single person who has supported the project in any way so far, whether spreading the word or making a contribution.

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